"Consciously we teach what we know, unconsciously we teach who we are." Hamachek, 1999

quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2015

Development Work IV - Let's have some café?

Title: Competence-based Learning
Institution: Alceu Novais State School
City: Uberaba - MG
Distance from Confresa-MT: 1546 Km
Audience: All the teachers of the Alceu Novais State School.
Audience number: 14 people
Duration: 2 hours
Method: World Café

This presentation was made to the teachers from the Alceu Novais State School.
We could discuss a little about the competences for the 21st century and how can we help the students develop these skills and competences.
It was a very nice conversation because they complain a lot about the students but their classes are all lectures, they don't innovate in classroom. So I presented the World Café and many teacher liked so much the method. We used 5 different topics:
Energetic alternatives for Brazil; Different ways to reduce the water consume; Political system in Brazil; Sustainability to generate profit; How to reduce pollution.
With these examples they could discuss and know more about the method.
I think that was the best spread until now because it was easier to reach all the teachers.
World Café is a very good collaborative method to teach and the teachers are going to use this in their classes and give me some feedback.

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