"Consciously we teach what we know, unconsciously we teach who we are." Hamachek, 1999

quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2015

Development Work III - International Relationship

Title: (not) everything is snow, (not) everything is new - An experience in the Finnish Educational System
Institution: Federal Institute of Mato Grosso (IFMT)
City: Cuiabá - MT
Distance from Confresa-MT: 1166 Km
Audience: Professors, teachers, students, community, directors and rector.
Audience number: Approximately 120 people.
Duration: 1 hour
Method: Pictures of Finland, A big Pecha Kucha

This was a presentation about my experience in Finland, not just the educational stuff, but the life in Finland, culture, society, experiences outside school and others.
It was very nice because the audience was very different and I had to talk less about education and more about my personal experience.
Many people wanted to know about studying abroad and not just to study in Finland.
It was the First International Relationship Forum of IFMT and it was very nice to talk a little about the recycling machines, bus stops, snow, raindeer meat and, of course, education.
The audience was surprised when I showed a slide with a picture of Paulo Freire. Many educators in Brazil think that he is the reason why the education in Brazil is so bad, but Finland uses him as a good reference and the education is one of the best, so, the problem isn't Paulo Freire, maybe the problem is because we don't use his references in our academic lives.

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